Hello!  I'm Doanh but you can also call me Dee.  First generation Vietnamese American born in central California, raised in Rolla, MO. I moved to the Kansas City area in 2006 for college and never left.  My partner, Kelby, and I have two amazing children, Maia and Jaxon.  


I’ve been baking for over a decade.  I love being creative and found a love for decorating cakes.  I came across macarons in 2017 and decided to try making them.  They looked beautiful and the variety of flavors drew me in even though I knew nothing and had never tasted a macaron.  Fun fact… I didn’t taste a macaron, other than my own, until the beginning of 2021. The community of macaron bakers has grown so much over the last couple of years and there are so many amazing, talented bakers sharing their skills.  I’m so grateful to be a part of this community and have learned so much.


Sugarfold started in January of 2021.  The name comes from the technique of folding meringue (made of egg whites and sugar) into the almond flour and powdered sugar mixture to make the macaron batter.  Many other pastries use this technique to make delicious treats and I hope to offer more pastries when time allows.  I posted my first photo to Instagram in March and with the help of my friend, Elizabeth, we launched the business.  Our first sale was in May and it’s been busy ever since.  Elizabeth has moved onto other adventures and Sugarfold became a one woman team in early August. Even though it’s been stressful juggling the business and raising two kids, I wouldn’t change a thing because Kansas City has the most supportive community.  I’ve met so many wonderful people and learned so much.  I’m excited to see how Sugarfold grows.


I want to take a moment to THANK YOU!  The growth in my business, myself as a female entrepreneur, and mom has come from the support of this community.  It's still a learning process as I navigate this business by myself but my partner, Kelby, our kids, and YOU have supported me in so many ways.  Thank you for choosing Sugarfold and being kind, patient, and understanding.  So much love!